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Dorothy Banister & Junelle Banister (c1943)

Dorothy Banister & Junelle Banister (c1943)

They Let a Few Front Line Dogfaces Go Down There Once in Awhile

"Mae, do you think you could find a copy of Sept. 27 "Time" magazine? ...if you will look on page 9 you'll find an article entitled "The Shape of Hell" or something like that -- well, that's us." (Read more)

Letter from Ellis to his mother (December 14, 1943)

Now You Must Be Brave

"Heard today that Gen. Patton had slapped a shell shocked soldier in Sicily in August. No wonder no 7th Army." (Read more)

Dotty's Diary: November 11 - December 14, 1943

Another One of Your Little Sons Is Out Seeing the World

"Say the first thing I ran into a bunch of ole buddies. Boy this is a small world. I expect a bunch of the ole boys from home have fought on their grounds." (Read more)

Letter from Winston to his mother (December 8, 1943) -- page 1

Wish I Were Where You Are

"Can't say that 'I'm having a swell time' now that 'I wish you were here', but I do wish I were where you are. This is a wonderful country, I guess -- but it just wasn't made for me." (Read more)

Postcard from Ellis to Dotty (December 5, 1943)

There's a Few Germans Around in These Hills

"Boy, I'm glad he's doing OK -- wish I had his job. I see those planes like he flies floating around over the German lines every day & they're scared as hell to shoot at that "grasshopper" plane." (Read more)

Letter from Ellis to His Family (November 27, 1943)

I'm After Big Game Now

"Most of the boys tonight are listening to the radio, writing or preparing for a two-day field problem starting in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. I can't come home Xmas -- maybe after the duration." (Read more)

Letter from Ellis to Elwood's Children (November 26, 1943) -- page 2

Rough as Hell at Times, But It Can't Last Forever

"Well, ol' man, I hope you're as happily married as I am -- and with that gal you got I don't see any reason why you aren't plenty happy. Tell Jerry hello for me and that she darn sure better name that first kid after me." (Read more)

Letter from Ellis to John (November 25, 1943)

A Swell Trip Ahead of Me

"We may not get paid until we get back. I'm making $10 per day in this deal so I'll have a nice wad I think when we get back." (Read more)

Letter from Winston to his mother (November 22, 1943)1

Some of These Guys Do Nothing But Sit Around & Re-Live Every Battle

"Don't you know there will be lots of wild stories floating around the beer joints after the war is over! I'll tell you one thing, bud -- I'm going to be a home-loving son-of-a-gun when I get back." (Read more)

Letter from Ellis to Winston (November 19, 1943)

I Can See Snow-Capped Mountains From Where I Am

"I wrote her & told her we were going to have a couple of "bambinos" when I get back. I almost sent her some baby clothes not long ago -- I saw them on the shelf in a shop & they were pink -- & I thought they were something else!"(Read more)

Letter from Ellis to his mother (November 18, 1943)

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